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Jim Falk mini-sode The Raggedy Man Part 2 – The King of the Black Pond – coming soon!

The three part miniseries The Raggedy Man takes place a decade or so prior to the events of my full length novel The Witch at Sparrow Creek (Kindle version now available!) 

Part 2 – The King of the Black Pond …Coming this month!
Following a mysterious map, Falk and his strange new acquaintance head south-wise with their newly acquired horses and wagon. The journey takes them deep into the swamps, but Yav Shah soon realizes they are being watched. When a spell begins to drain their stamina and tire the horses, they make camp in the dark. What lurks in the shadows and gnarled branches waiting for the weary companions?

The Kindle Version Giveaway!
Yes! There will be another giveaway! Due to the popularity of my prior giveaways, there will be a Kindle version giveaway of The Witch at Sparrow Creek when Part 2 is released later this month! Keep checking my blog for updates or follow me on Twitter @joshuatkent

New Artwork On the Way!
The world of The Witch at Sparrow Creek is full of strange characters, creatures, and adventure. I’ve recently touched base with a new artist who will be collaborating with me to bring this weird world to life! Stay tuned for an announcement and interview with the new talent!

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