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Boneswamp Blackbird a 5e Starter Kit

This adventure is a “homebrew” created to help the characters get past level three before starting a module. I designed it so that the characters from the starter could link to the module in certain ways. I’m going to keep record of what’s happening in the group in the style of an easy ready novella. Here’s part 1.

Along the Sword Coast lies the lesser-known port of Gottles. A small village grew up between a ragged, rocky coastline and a fetid swamp region. Ages ago, this land was used by Sea Gnomes as a secret respite from the world. Then, a wizard brought her goblin militia to the swamp to build a place for her to conduct her experiments. Viridia Malvania, for good or ill, sold her potions and trinkets to those who passed near the swamp. She fell in love with a Necromancer named Kephalos Klotho who joined her in her morbid experimentation.

Soon, nomads stopped frequently to buy items imbued with magic, fishermen and pirates set camp on the shores and a trading market grew from the swamp to the coastline. The village that grew around this bazaar now boasts about three thousand souls of all races and creeds. Gottles is a place where once a Tiefling brother and sister led a revolution against slavers, where a plague of particularly deadly strain of cackle fever killed a third of the residents, and where a wizard still lurks in a haunted swamp.

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A 5e Starter

So, I’m new at this. I used to play Palladium RPGs pretty much exclusively when I was a teenager. I think I played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons once or twice and I also played the Shadowrun RPG and ICEs Middle Earth Roleplaying game (MERP). I just love 20-sided dice and rolling different dice for damage so it’s harder for me to get with games that just use a bunch of d10s or d6s. About one month into COVID a few of my high school friends and I got in touch and decided to start playing. One of them was already pretty consistently playing D&D on Roll20 with discord accounts. I had been using Zoom for work, so I already had an account, so we went with that and used the free version of Roll20.

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